Kitchen Appliances

Appliance options differ greatly from client to client and are mostly influenced by budget and individual client desires. While the primary reason of the appliances are their ability to make cooking more efficient, the appliance itself more than any other part of the kitchen sets the ‘luxe feel’ of the entire home. That is, cheap appliances will almost certainly cheapen the feel of the home. With that in mind, appliances should ALWAYS be chosen with LUXE perception in mind.


Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, cook tops generally use one of three main sources of fuel — gas, electricity or induction. Standard cook tops range from 600mm wide to as large as 1200mm wide.

Electric Cooktops

  • Electric cooktops feature a smooth ceramic surface with the element located beneath. The smooth surface is very hygienic as there are few areas where grease and grime can build up.

Induction Cooktops

  • Induction cooktops generate a magnetic field. This electromagnetic energy allows for the very fast transfer of heat from cook top to pan, but also enables instant cooling.

Gas Cooktops

  • Gas Cooktops offer a high degree of heat control, are energy efficient with the visual advantage that you see the flame and make adjustments accordingly.


Freestanding Stoves

  • Freestanding stoves are stand-alone units that in most cases are the hero design element of the kitchen. Usually incorporated into the overall design of the kitchen but not physically a part of the cabinetry.

Double/Under bench Ovens

  • Under bench ovens and ovens and double ovens are installed wall-mounted within the cabinetry or as the name suggests, under the cooktop bench.

Microwave Ovens

  • A microwave cupboard is generally incorporated into the design of the kitchen and most microwave manufacturers offer a trim kit as an option to create a ‘built-in’ feel.


Pre-planning and careful consideration should ensure the correct area is set-aside within the kitchen to incorporate a cupboard with access to power and water for the dishwasher. Standard dishwashers are 600mm wide and can be installed under-bench (fully- or semi-integrated) or as a freestanding addition to the kitchen.


With sinks available in almost any shape, size and style, it’s a case of individual preference. There is no longer a right or wrong with a range of configurations available, including single, double and one and-a-half bowl as well as a variety of accessories to match. Sinks will be top-mounted, under mounted or integrated. Choose the one that matches the design of your kitchen as well as your preference for prep/cleaning work.